As much of a tech enthusiast as I am, I completely understand that sometimes tech just isn’t all that appealing to the eye. Sometimes, it just looks like tech. Very functional, not very pretty.

That’s why I decided to “hide” my tech in hollowed out books so they can be stored in plain sight and look nice while still being very functional.

First, I order these hollowed out books on Amazon.

I first made sure my Philips Hue Bridge and SmartThings Hub could fit in the medium box without the need of removing the logic boards from their plastic molds. Thankfully, they did. No need to muck around with anything.

I then drilled a couple of holes in them so the cables could come through. One on each side opposite of the spine. This way the ethernet and power cables of each the Philips Hue Bridge and SmartThings Hub would be on their own side.


Philips Hue Bridge left and SmartThings Hub right


The book sitting in the case, looking pretty sharp.

I then carefully removed my old router, which now just acts as a switch, out of its plastic mold.

I then used Sugru as legs and to keep the logic board off the actual box.

After cutting out a large portion of the part opposite of the spine, I was then able to put the switch in and let it sit for 24 hours for the Sugru to set.


The switch sitting in the box, waiting for the Sugru to set.


Switch hiding in the book

Now my tech doesn’t look like tech and can hide in plain sight. My next project is to take the Google OnHub and make it look like a vase with flowers.